Hangzhou Airport Guide to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH)

Hangzhou International Airport bus

At Hangzhou Airport there are several options regarding bus transportation to transfer to either Hangzhou city centre or to other popular destinations such as Shaoxing, Jinhua, Jianxing and many others:

Airport Shuttle Bus

Hangzhou Airport counts with 20 shuttle bus routes which covers not only Hangzhou downtown, it also covers further destinations around Hangzhou city.

By this bus lines, you’ll be able to safety transfer from Hangzhou Airport to several destinations within Hangzhou downtown. See the available information below:

Hangzhou Airport to Hangzhou downtown (Wulinmen Line)

Get straight to Hangzhou downtown by this shuttle bus service. Total trip time is of 45 minutes.

Stops: Hangzhou Railway Station, Grand Metropark Hotel and Wulinmen Aviation Ticketing Office.

Opening hours: From 05:30 am to 9:00 am (every 30 minutes), from 09:00 am to 17:00 pm (every 15 minutes), from 17:00 pm to 21:00 pm (every 30 minutes).

Hangzhou Airport to Xiaoshan downtown

If you wish to take a shuttle bus at Hangzhou Airport, you should take in mind this service just takes 50 up to an hour minutes to get straight to Xiaoshan District. To Hangzhou Airport, it gets to the Arrivals Hall 2 hours’ prior the flight departure.

Stops: Zhongshan Hotel, Hangzhou Railway Station, Hangzhou Airport Terminal.

Opening hours:

From Hangzhou Airport: From 08:20 am to 20:00 pm.

From Xiaoshan: From 05:30 am to 09:00 (every 30 minutes), from 09:00 am to 17:00 pm (every 15 minutes), and from 17:00 pm to 21:00 pm (every 30 minutes).

Pinghai Road Line

By this bus line get to both Grand Metropark Hotel and also to Hangzhou Railway Station within 70 minutes.

Opening hours: From 07:30 am to 14:00 pm (every 30 minutes), from 14:00 pm to the last scheduled flight departure. Please note that after 20:30 pm any bus stops at Hangzhou Railway Station.

Hangzhou Airport to Hangzhou East Railway Station

This is a direct line to Hangzhou East Railway Station. You can get there within 30 minutes from Hangzhou Airport.

Opening hours: From 07:30 am to 22:00 pm (every 15 minutes). After 22:00 pm: 22:30 pm, 23:00 pm, 23:30 pm, 00:10 am, 00.50 am and 01:20 am. 


In order to board this bus, please move to the first level of the terminal building, outside the Arrivals Hall. All the buses depart from this point.


The general fare is of RMB 20.00 per passenger.

Where can I buy my ticket?

You can purchase your ticket on board to the driver or at the Airport Shuttle Bus booths located at the end of the Arrivals Hall.
If you wish to get further information about more bus lines departing from Hangzhou Airport to downtown, please check out the following website.

Bus to other destinations outside Hangzhou

From Hangzhou Airport you can get to many more destinations not only within the city centre, also outside the municipality of Hangzhou.

See some of the available destinations:

- Jinhua: From 10:30 am to 21:30 pm (total trip time is of 2.5 hours)
- Jianxing: From 09:50 am to 18:55 pm (total trip time is of 110 minutes)
- Shaoxing: From 08:10 am to 21:20 am (total trip time is of 90 minutes)
- Yiwu: From 10:00 am to 22:40 pm (total trip time is of 120 minutes)