Hangzhou Airport Guide to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH)

Hangzhou Airport Parking

For those who may need to park their car in Hangzhou Airport parking facilities, these are the zones where the parking lots are located in and the main features of every single one of them:

P1: It is the VIP parking. This parking lot is located between the Domestic and the International Terminal. It counts with 97 parking spaces and requires to reservation prior to your trip.

P2: This is the underground parking lot, which is located under both airport terminals. It counts with 798 parking spaces.

P3: The surface parking lot is located facing both airport terminals and counts with 2,160 parking spaces. There are also a couple of bus parking zones.

P5: This parking lot is located at the east of the airport premises, in the cargo terminal. It can be used for either passengers or airport employees.

P6: It is used for domestic and international cargo depot.