Hangzhou Airport Informational Guide to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) - Non Official

Hangzhou Airport Taxi

Get to downtown Hangzhou within 35 minutes up to an hour by taxi according to traffic conditions.

Though there are no important issues regarding the usage of taxis in Hangzhou Airport, we should ask you to take specially care on your personal safety as well as your personal belongings, to reject unwanted trips offered by taxi drivers and also the refuse to pay if the driver decides to drop you off of your destination.


Taxis are located outside Gate 10 of Arrivals, Domestic Terminal Building.

taxi Companies

To hail a taxi from anywhere in Hangzhou, please call Hangzhou Taxi at +86 0571 28811111.

For any complain or query, you may contact to +86 0571 96520 (Hangzhou Taxi Complaining).


The estimated fares to transfer to Hangzhou city centre are of CNY 100 approximately, since the distance to downtown is 35 kilometres.

To Hangzhou Railway Station: CNY 100 (estimated transfer time is 40 minutes).

To South Railway Station: CNY 60-70 (estimated transfer time is 30 minutes).

To East Railway Station: CNY 74 (estimated transfer time is 30 minutes).

To Wulin Square: CNY 100-120 (estimated transfer time is 50 minutes).

Fares to other popular destinations:

Shaoxing: CNY 220
Jinhua: CNY 900
Jiaxing: CNY 600
Ningbo: CNY 680



Didi is available at Hangzhou Airport.

Estimated cost to downtown is about CNY 87-108.



Transfer safe and sound to downtown, book a transfer at Hangzhou Airport.