Hangzhou Airport Informational Guide to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH) - Non Official

Hangzhou Airport to Train Station

Though Hangzhou Airport is not connected to the Chinese railway network, there are several ways to reach the different railway stations of Hangzhou city.

Within Hangzhou there are a couple railway stations; Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou South Railway Station, and a major railway hub station, Hangzhou East Railway Station.

The first one is located 28 kilometres from the airport, while the second one is located at 30 kilometres and the third one is at 30 kilometres distance as well.


By bus you can get to both Hangzhou Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station.

Regarding Hangzhou South Railway Station, it is needed to find further ways to get there since there isn’t any option available from Hangzhou Airport.

To Hangzhou Railway Station

Pinghai Road Line brings you to Hangzhou Railway Station.

To Hangzhou East Railway Station

By the Hangzhou Airport to Hangzhou East Railway Station bus route, get straight to Hangzhou East Railway Station since it is a direct route.

To Hangzhou South Railway Station

To get to Hangzhou South Railway Station, pick up at Hangzhou Airport any of the bus lines that brings you to Hangzhou Railway Station. Once there, please board the Subway line no.1 at Xianghu (which is located 280 metres distance from Hangzhou Railway Station).

You’ll get to Wujiang Road, which is located at 700 metres from Hangzhou South Railway Station.

Total trip time is 23 minutes.


The described bus lines are available outside the Arrivals Hall.


The general fare is CNY 20 per passenger.

Where can I buy my ticket?

Tickets are sold on board to the driver or at the Shuttle Bus booths located at the end of the Arrivals Hall.


By taxi you can easily get to either Hangzhou Railway Station or Hangzhou South Railway Station within an approximate transfer time of 40 and 30 minutes in each case.

Regarding Hangzhou East Railway Station, the estimated trip time is similar to the other destinations, about 30 minutes as well.


Taxis are located outside Gate 10 of Arrivals, Domestic Terminal Building.


Hangzhou Railway Station: CNY 100 (estimated transfer time is 40 minutes).

South Railway Station: CNY 60-70 (estimated transfer time is 30 minutes).

East Railway Station: CNY 74 (estimated transfer time is 30 minutes).